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this fat disolving injection vial can be used on the face or the body 

Homeopathic lipo suction for body and facial contouring, forming a limmer more sillhouette and reduces the amount of stubborn fat.

Use a chin lifting mask for 30 mins a day , reduces appearance of swollen face 


Kabelline is intended to remove fat deposits and for forming more delicate facial features and sillhouuettes in the face and body. It can be an efficient supplement for patients fighting extra weight and is therefore recommended to be used as a supplement to healthy dieting and physical excercises.

When deoxycholic acid is injected into the skin it starts breaking down fat cells, these unwanted fat cells are naturally biodegraded and discharged through the lymphatic duct.

Restults of this lipo treatment can be seen 30 days after the procedure and to have the optimal results at least 6 treatments are needed one week apart.

Kabelline can be used into the 

chin, arms, legs, belly, and all other parts of the body (not for the cheek area)


No diet or excercise required

No surgery

effects visible after 2nd treatment

Unique formula which allows dissolving normal fat cells after which the evolving water is fully excreted frrom the body

The result is stable, and produces no side effects.

no harmful side effects 




Deoxycholic Acid, is presented in the body, used in the  emulsification of fats.

Water,  Deoxycholic Acid and I-Carnitine hydrochloride

5 vials 8ml each




Store in a cool dry place 

Never heat or freeze this product 

Please keep away from sunlight 

This product is single use only

Dont keeponce seal has been broken 


1ml of kabelline contains 5mg of deoxycholic acid.