Most Aesthetic Procedures require pain relief, Jcaine is manufactured in korea and is considered a leader among topical anesthetics.

It is produced in the form of a cream containing 10.56% lidocaine.


This products has gained huge popularity among beauty and aesthetic professionals in south korea and other countries


use sealing mask to stop the numb cream from evaporating, the mask gives maximum absorbtion


Complies with international standards for aesthetic medicine products

High Lidocaine concentration, allows relieving pain within the skin tissue as deep as 8mm

Has a long lasting effect - Up to 90 mins after application

small amount required

High safety profile and does not cause allergic reactions

great price


Used in many clinics , and tattoo parlours, spmu, microneedling, electrolysis, various anti aging procedures, great for preparing for threads, laser, resurfacing, peeling and other skin manipulating treatments



Apply thin layer and cover with plastic wrap to seal, leave for 20-30 mins - remove product with clean wipe, then begin procedure


15 mins is ok for a majority of treatments but 30 mins if more abbrasive or intense



Keep airtight

Room Temperature

Away from children

36 months exp from manufacture date

keep out of direct sunlight