Anti - Wrinkle Selatox is an efficient alternative to botox this set includes the syrum and a hydraNeedle stamp, effective for save and efficient rejuvenation of the facial skin thanks to the acetyl hexapeptide, this product provides an outstanding anti wrinkle effect, while actong softer than botulotoxin.


The Hydra needle stamp contains 20 microneedles, which efficiently delivers the meso/cocktail right under the skin.

One can easily use this set in a confort of their own home without being worried about safety.

This treatment offers the same level of efficiency as the professional skin care procedures.

repeat procedure you will restore the barrier fundtion of the skin, reduce pores, and get smooth resiliant firm and hydrated skin


Anti wrinkle sela tox set is safe and convenient

Provides Complex rejuvenation of the skin

The Administration of the Anti wrinkle selatox serum supports production of collagen and elastin

By using the  product you can enjoy the long lasting age related ellimination effect

The hydra needle stamp allows performing biorevitalization in a fast and easy manner while improving the overall efficiency of the serum

Needles are made from titanium whic decreases the overall oxidation of the tool

It is intended to be used to eliminate wrinkles and restore the flexibility of the skin. This set can be used on the face and neck




wrinkles and whitening aound the eyes

Proes on nose 

Forehead wrinkles

Nasolabial fold

Neck wrinkles

Facial whitening

worry lines


consists of 5 bottles for 5 treatments

carry out one treatment every 2 weeks for maximum results


hydra stamp 1.0

serum 1 pce 




Do not freeze

Keep product refridgerated (1-5 degrees Celcius)

Expiry date is 24 months from manufacturing date

After opening use within 3 months

keep away from sunlight 

Do not force heavy pressure on the product